Oil pump and water pump which is good? Where is the difference?

2017-01-21 Views: 2721

Oil pump and water pump which is based on your environment and the use of pumping medium to decide, if the number of mining underground water tower water drainage points, some river water, lake water can choose QY oil immersed submersible pump,

For farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, wells for water, living water, industrial and civil building water supply and drainage system, water diversion, and in mountainous and hilly areas of low-lying areas and drainage occasions can choose QS water pump.

Motor cooling water submersible pump is filled with water, and motor cooling oil immersed submersible pump is filled with lubricating oil, the two have cooling ability is very strong, and have strong ability of waterproof. Two different main:

Types of electric coolant.

Oil immersed mechanical oil, and water use of water.

Impact on the environment.

If the water leakage will not cause pollution to the environment, oil immersed oil will cause pollution to the environment

Suitable occasion.

Water can be used for drinking water applications, oil immersed is mainly used for agricultural irrigation, water supply, water fountains, flood control and drainage, municipal drainage construction etc..

Service life。

The oil filled submersible pump with mechanical oil lubrication, the lubrication condition is better than water immersion, often long service life.