Shanxi quality supervision sampling results of small submersible pump pass rate of 64%

2017-01-20 Views: 2656

Chinese quality news network news, the first quarter of 2012, Shanxi Province Quality Supervision Bureau of Taiyuan, Lvliang area distribution unit of 22 batches of a small submersible pump and the 3 production enterprises of 3 batches of a small submersible pump a total of 25 batches of a small submersible pump quality supervision and spot checks, qualified 16 batches, sample pass rate 64%.

The spot checks found that the main quality problem is the existence of hidden dangers in the security measures, leading to the cable is too short, the pump efficiency and pump head can not meet the standard requirements. The Lishi District of Lvliang City Xin Wang QDX1.5-32-0.75 Motor Sales Department Distribution nominal Taizhou Dazheng pump industry limited production of single-phase submersible pump, the grounding, cable, pump leads to efficiency, the provisions of point flow and lift were not consistent with the standard requirements.

According to the provincial quality supervision of the products reflect the problems, the Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision requirements of quality supervision departments at all levels must be strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the spirit of "fuyoufujiang, Dajiazhilie, consumer guide" principle, do a good job of product quality supervision and inspection work, postprocessing.