Li Xiaopeng Shanxi to promote coal power pool

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Today, the second China International Coal Expo will be opened in Shanxi, Taiyuan. It is interesting that the power companies have also entered the coal expo. With regard to the further development of the coal industry, the coal and electricity enterprises forum held yesterday has been relatively clear.

Coal and electricity pool is the way out!" Yesterday, Shanxi provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, vice governor Li Xiaopeng proposed explicitly in the forum, the contradiction of means to solve coal market.

Coal and electricity pool to ensure energy security

Yesterday, Wang Xianzheng, President of China Coal Industry Association, said the joint coal and electricity is to protect China's energy security, security and supply base.

Li Xiaopeng said that the development of Shanxi coal industry should give full play to the market mechanism of cooperation. Building a harmonious and stable relationship between coal and electricity, the relationship between national energy security, the overall economic situation, social relations. "Solve the contradiction between coal, promote coal joint in various forms, constructing various coal interests of the community, the formation of risk sharing and benefit cooperation pattern."

"Of course, the long-term agreement is still a new thing in our country, the need to continue to nurture, develop, improve." Li Xiaopeng stressed that the conditions of large coal and power companies can explore the principles of professional management, intensive management to play a variety of advantages, through mutual participation, etc., to achieve the integration of property rights.

Zhao Xizheng, chairman of the China Federation of electric power companies, said the coal and electricity companies to encourage joint ventures and other forms, to achieve coordinated economic development of coal and downstream industries.

According to reports, a number of large coal enterprises and large enterprises through mutual participation, the formation of a coal enterprise. Such as Shenhua Group, in recent years, the rapid development of electric power business, power installed capacity has exceeded 16 million kilowatts, to achieve a new combination of coal and electricity enterprises.

Variable transmission crack energy pattern of coal

Wang Xianzheng said that to change the situation of energy supply in the case of tension, it is necessary to promote the integration of coal and electricity, promote industrial integration.

Li Xiaopeng said, Shanxi encourage large enterprises in Shanxi to establish laboratories and research institutions, the latest research and development achievements brought to Shanxi, the project in Shanxi. Such as the national grid of UHV AC power transmission, higher efficiency, more conducive to Shanxi coal is variable transmission; Huaneng and other power generation enterprises in the common development of green coal technology.

Clearly put forward in recently by the general office of the Shanxi provincial government issued the "Shanxi province coal enterprise production policy transformation of coal city pilot implementation plan", the establishment of large power plants and coal pit extension of industrial development. "The establishment of large power plants in the resource rich places in the mine where the establishment of pithead power plant, there are problems to break the current north to South with the." Li Xianzheng said, more importantly, the use of market mechanisms to promote the integration of the national coal enterprises.

Huaneng Group General Manager Cao Peixi said that last year received orders from Shanxi Huaneng accounted for more than half of the Huaneng will continue, long-term strategic cooperation with Shanxi coal enterprises, and strengthen the industrial chain extension in Shanxi.

At noon yesterday, in large coal enterprises held in Shanxi signing ceremony in Taiyuan Yingze Hotel, Huaneng, Huadian, Guodian 7 power giant and Shanxi coking coal, with coal, coal and other 6 key coal enterprises signed from 2009 to 2013, a total of 115 million 750 thousand tons of coal supply and demand agreement.

Zhao Xizheng said that the coal enterprises in the forum and the signing of coal and electricity enterprises to prove that the use of market-oriented means to solve the contradiction between coal and electricity is a way out.

Link: Li Xiaopeng in charge of business?

After Li Xiaopeng left his post as vice governor of Shanxi province Huaneng Group post, has triggered a discussion of the industry. According to the division of the Shanxi provincial government office issued a notice, in charge of the content of Li Xiaopeng's work: to assist the governor in charge of Commerce, market supervision, foreign affairs, tourism and other aspects of the work.

Business, tourism, and energy seem to be. Yesterday in Shanxi, Jiangsu Province, held a large coal enterprises forum, Li Xiaopeng published about 20 minutes or so on the development of the coal industry speech. Moreover, yesterday's forum, executives of the five major power generation group to attend the meeting, many people said that this is not unrelated to Li Xiaopeng's previous identity.

According to the reporter, in fact, coal Expo is an important work of Li Xiaopeng in the. It is self-evident, although Li Xiaopeng concentrating on the business, but in energy business is different. In the energy industry, Li Xiaopeng will show their advantages. (source: Daily Economic News)